Hey guys! 

I hope everyone had a lovely Turkey (or Tofurkey) Day because I know mine was full of a lot of food... and, of course, flannel. My family is, well, not your average family. This Thanksgiving we sat 25 people around a T-formed combination of three tables and some of the pre-dinner conversation centered around my blog. Everyone kept on joking that we should have all worn flannel and took a photo. It wasn't even on purpose that I sported a red and black, lumberjack style blouse. I'm pretty sure I am just subconsciously drawn to checks and stripes. My Dad on the other hand sported an all denim outfit, and let me tell you it was hilarious. I think I need to convert him to flannel ;). Well I guess we'll just have to wait until next year for the flannel family photo opt. And I'm pretty sure you can guess what I'm getting my Secret Santa...

Have a great weekend! I'm headed up to the mountains where flannels are a staple in all the skiers and snowboarders wardrobe.


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