Hey guys!

Happy Halloween Eve! I'm guessing a few of you are scrambling for last minute costumes, but don't worry I have a solution. Check out your local thrift store for some inspiration. Cowgirls, farmers, lumberjacks, or hillbillies are easy costumes when you pair a flannel with some denim and a cowboy hat. Of course there are a handful of other options at the thrift store. I was there on Saturday night with friends and we came up with the following costumes: greaser, gym school teacher (mustache required), a lamp (yes, a lamp), a tree (yes, a tree), and members of KISS. Just be prepared for the place to be picked over and crowded... no one wants to spend $50 bucks for a "bagged costume." 

I woke up this morning and rummaged through my closet to figure out a perfect 60-degree outfit. I chose a navy and white flannel that was way too large (men's section), but got way too hot so opted for a regular t-shirt. Of course this made me want to find less heavy flannels that can be worn on warmer fall days. My next trip to the thrift store will be focused on finding just that! Happy hunting :)